ECAL (Ecole Cantonale de L’Art de Lausanne) student Jacques-Elie Ribeyron presents his master project of the Mas-Lux program, a mix of industrial and luxury design. The designer created two replica hublot watches in collaboration with Swiss watch maker Hublot – a knife set and a razor set.

Inspired by the materials and looks of Hublot watches, Jacques-Elie Ribeyron presents some more unusual products with Hublot branding.

“The razors are a manual trimmer, a razor and a shaving brush. The main idea of the project was to take inspiration in the tools that men were using in the early 50′s. Today with commercial products such as mach 3 the ritual of shaving have been lost because of too much functionality. This set is designed to be as simple of possible, using only stainless steel to be recycled after the life cycle of the product. Both can be disassembled easily to be Tag Heuer Replica. The razor works with safety blades such derby or personna. The shaving brush has an angle to let the hairs dry properly.

The Hublot cheese knives were designed to cut some big pieces of hard paste cheese such as Etivaz (Hublot produces its own Etivaz in Switzerland). The set has a cutter and a fork. They come in a sleeve to be carried easily. The blades are made of stainless steel with a pvd treatment for the black rolex replica best. Handles are mad of anodized aluminum and the Hublot screws of stainless too. ”.